How Do I Make My Cake More Moist?

How Do I Make My Cake More Moist?

Closely follow the recipe's directions to ensure a moist cake. The ingredients, technique and bake time can all affect the cake's outcome and may produce a substandard cake.

  1. Use the specific ingredients in the recipe

    Cake recipes call for specific ingredients and techniques to produce the desired results. Substitutions and shortcuts may result in a dry cake.

  2. Don't overuse flour

    Follow the recipe's instructions regarding the order of mixing ingredients. Be careful to use the right amount of flour. Mixing flour into the wet ingredients too vigorously or for too long can cause a dry cake.

  3. Do not over-bake

    Be sure to not bake the cake more than necessary. Insert a toothpick into the center of the cake. The cake is done baking if the removed toothpick has only a few crumbs attached.