How Do You Make Bunny Cupcakes?

How Do You Make Bunny Cupcakes?

How Do You Make Bunny Cupcakes?

To make bunny cupcakes, decorate the cupcakes with white frosting, candy and marshmallows. Cooks can use the cupcake recipe and frosting of their choice to make the dessert.

Decorating cupcakes into bunny faces is very easy to do. Simply use the following steps.

  1. Prepare the cupcakes
  2. Use any recipe in any flavor to prepare the cupcakes. Cake mix can also work well. Prepare the recipe as directed in the instructions and let the cupcakes cool before decorating.

  3. Make the base
  4. To make the base of the bunny face, decorate the cupcakes with a white frosting such as vanilla frosting.

  5. Add the features
  6. To add the eyes and noses, use small candies. Use pink or red candies for the noses and blue or brown candies for the eyes. To add cheeks, cut mini marshmallows in half and place them on either side of the nose.

  7. Make the ears
  8. Make the bunny ears by cutting large marshmallows into five pieces crosswise. Cut each piece in half and coat the pieces in pink decorating sugar. Stand two ears on the top of each cupcake above the facial features. If the ears have trouble standing up, insert pretzel sticks in the middle for support.

  9. Add the whiskers
  10. To make whiskers, arrange three chocolate sprinkles on each side of the face. Alternately, cut black licorice laces into small pieces and use them to make whiskers.