How Do You Make Brown Icing With Food Coloring?


To make brown icing, add brown color to your white frosting with a toothpick. Mix in the color until it is uniformly spread through the frosting. If you require a deeper shade of brown, add icing color to your mixture.

  1. Mix in gel color

    Make sure to use frosting colors with a concentrated, gel-like consistency, as generic food colors will dilute the frosting. Use a toothpick to scoop out the desired frosting color, as gel colors are potent and a little can go a long way. Stir in the color with a spatula. If you require more color, remember to dip a new toothpick into the brown color.

  2. Begin with chocolate frosting

    If you need a very deep shade of brown for the frosting, start with chocolate frosting and add brown color with a toothpick. Deep colors are only recommended for smaller accent areas of your cake or cookie, as adding a large amount of gel food color can alter the taste of your frosting.

  3. Omit the acid

    Dissolve brown color in water before adding it to the frosting in order to eliminate a possible green undertone. Omitting lemon juice and cream of tartar from the recipe will also reduce the green undertone in brown icing.