How Do You Make Blue Sherbet Punch?

Blue sherbet punch requires thawing but not melting 1/2 gallon of sherbet in a large punch bowl for 10 to 15 minutes. Next, pour 64 ounces of fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate into the bowl. Alternatively, use pre-mixed fruit punch. Add 2 liters of ginger ale or a clear lemon-lime carbonated drink such as 7 Up or Sprite, and stir the ingredients until fully mixed to make 120 ounces of punch.

Add the ingredients slowly and gently to allow an even admixture of punch. For most other recipes of sherbet punch, you can simply substitute other types of sherbet without altering the flavor too much. Add fruit chunks to diversify the flavor in the absence of fruit juice if the taste of pre-mixed punch is not desirable. In addition, adjust the ratio of fruit juice or punch to carbonated drink to suit your taste. Putting smaller scoops of sherbet into the punch after making the initial mixture gives it a foamy, cloud-like appearance, which some associate with sherbet punch.

Sherbet punch is commonly made for special occasions, such as weddings and baby showers. Some recipes for sherbet call for alcohol, but this is not a necessary component of the drink.