How Do You Make Beef Jerky at Home?


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Beef jerky can be made at home with a homemade drying mechanism, by using an oven or with a dehydrator. Most recipes take the majority of a full day from start to finish.

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How Do You Make Beef Jerky at Home?
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Take lean steak, such as flank steak or London broil, and trim off as much fat as possible, then slice into thin strips. Partially freezing the meat before cutting makes the process easier. In a bowl or large bag, mix preferred seasonings, such as Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar and liquid smoke. Meat tenderizer helps the meat be tender enough to eat. Marinate the meat in the mixture overnight in the fridge.

Homemade dryers, such as Alton Brown's method, require no specialty equipment and use fans and filters to keep air moving over the meat to dry it. This process takes up to 12 hours.

To use an oven, set the temperature at the lowest possible notch, or around 170 F. Bake the marinated strips in a single layer for up to six hours, flipping halfway through.

Most dehydrators come with their own instructions and are made specifically to remove the moisture from foods. Using a dehydrator requires at least four hours on a high setting.

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