How Do You Make Authentic Mexican Champurrado?


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To make authentic Mexican champurrado, prepare a pound of home-made masa, and submerge it in 6 cups of warm water in a large bowl. Lay cheesecloth across another large bowl, pour one-third of the dissolved masa through the cloth and heat the strained water over medium flame, adding piloncillo, cinnamon, chopped chocolate and milk.

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When straining the masa and water solution through the cheesecloth, massage the cloth so that there is no more water trapped in the masa, and discard the remaining masa after finishing. The wooden spoon used for stirring champurrado is called a molinillo. Stir the water, piloncillo and cinnamon mixture with the molinillo constantly, as the mixture begins to thicken as the heat rises. Improper mixing may cause the mixture to get clumpy.

When the liquid leaves a smooth, consistent coating on the back of the molinillo, it is thick enough to absorb the chocolate. For the best results, use a Mexican chocolate such as that produced by Abuelita, Ibarra or another Mexican brand specifically for the purpose of making champurrado. Add the flakes, and stir gently while leaving the heat on and adding milk. Optionally, add raw cane sugar to sweeten the drink as well. Remove the drink from heat, and let it cool slightly before ladling it into mugs

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