What Are the Major Differences Between Making Pancakes From Scratch and From a Mix?


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The major differences between homemade pancakes and those from a mix are the cooking time, ingredients and cost. Pancakes from a mix are typically faster to prepare but contain additional ingredients and cost slightly more per serving to make. For some people, the differences are insignificant and personal preference is the deciding factor.

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Many pancake mixes come in powdered form and require only the addition of eggs and milk to complete the batter. Other brands may also require oil or water.

The amount of time it takes to make homemade pancakes versus those from a mix is one of the most significant factors. Making pancakes from scratch requires more measuring and mixing, increasing prep time.

The additional ingredients in processed foods are one reason some opt for homemade pancakes. Bakers can control the type of ingredients that go into the batter and avoid potentially harmful chemicals or added sugars.

The cost of homemade pancakes versus mixes will vary based on location and recipes, but an article from the Huffington Post estimates that pancakes from mixes cost about 24 cents per serving, while homemade options cost around 22 cents per serving, a worthwhile savings for some.

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