What Are the Main Health Benefits of Parsley?


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The main health benefits of parsley include cancer prevention, diabetes prevention and improved bone health, according to Medical News Today. Parsley can also help lower blood pressure, improve prostate and spleen function and help with digestive track issues such as indigestion and GI disorders, notes WebMD.

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While most of the health benefits of parsley come when parsley is consumed internally, some people apply it directly on the skin to heal bruises, tumors, insect bites and cracked skin, explains WebMD. Parsley is used topically and in foods for its health benefits because it contains high levels of important vitamins and nutrients, according to Medical News Today.

Parsley is rich in myricetin and apigenin, which research indicates can help prevent cancer, states Medical News Today. Studies also show that myricetin can help in the treatment and prevention of diabetes as it can decrease insulin resistance and act as an anti-inflammatory while boasting anti-hyperlipidemia effects.

Since parsley is so rich in vitamin K, it can improve bone health by increasing the body’s ability to consume calcium, says Medical News Today. However, those who are taking blood thinners, like Coumadin, should eat parsley in moderation, as vitamin K plays a major role in the blood-clotting process.

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