What Does Mahi-Mahi Taste Like?

mahi-mahi-taste-like Credit: NightAndDayImages/E+/Getty Images

Mahi mahi is a firm-fleshed fish with a flavor that is a bit stronger than mild whitefish. Mahi mahi is the Hawaiian name for dolphin-fish. The fish's crested, round head resembles a dolphin, but it is not related to dolphins. The name "mahi mahi" is used to avoid confusion.

As of 2014, mahi mahi is very popular in Hawaii, especially among up-scale restaurants. The fish is often served grilled, baked or broiled. Most mahi mahi are caught in Japan and Taiwan. The fish is a good source of vitamin B12 and potassium. Any firm-fleshed, thick fish fillet can be substituted for mahi mahi in recipes if it is not available.