What Do Macarons Taste Like?

A well-made macaron can contain a variety of flavors, although it usually has a thin and light crust that is bitten into, which gives way to a moist and sweet-flavored meringue. It ends with a sweeter, smoother cream filling inside.

These delicate delights are made using ground almonds, egg-whites and sugar; however, recipes vary across bakeries and establishments. An ideal macaron should be devoid of air bubbles, should not have excessive artificial coloring and should be made of finely ground almond flour. It is advised to look for an ideal ratio of cookie to cream filling of 2:1.

Macarons, originally an Italian invention, were bought to France in 1533, by the pastry chefs of Catherine de' Medici. Macarons were popularized in France in 1792, by two Carmelite nuns who were famously known as the "Macaron Sisters."