What Are Some Low-Calorie Mixed Drinks?


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Mojitos, Rum and Diet Cokes, Sea Breezes, Vanilla Vodka and Diet Ginger Ales and Sour-Apple Martinis are all examples of low-calorie mixed drinks. Mudslides, Gin and Tonics, Sidecars, Smoky Negronis and Pisco Manhattans are other examples of low-calorie mixed drinks.

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Mixed-drink calorie counts depend on several variables, including the alcohol's proof, the amount of alcohol, the mixers and the drink size. Syrups, sodas, sugar and juices contain the majority of the calories in a mixed drink, as most spirits only have around 96 calories per ounce. Watch out for mixers with high sugar contents such as Coke, juice and ginger ale.

However, spirits with high alcohol contents also have high calorie counts. Vodka that is 40 percent alcohol typically has 64 calories per ounce, while 90-proof vodka, or 45 percent alcohol, has 73 calories per ounce.

Wine and beer aren't much better than mixed drinks, however. Wine generally has 125 to 150 calories per glass. Beer ranges from 64 to 198 calories per one 12 ounce glass. Light beers have the same alcohol content as normal beer but contain fewer calories. But, unlike mixed drinks, beer and wine come in standardized sizes that make it easy to keep track of calories.

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