What Are Some Low-Calorie Chinese Foods?

Low-calorie Chinese dishes include plain white rice, steamed vegetable dumplings and stir-fried chicken and broccoli. The lowest-calorie Chinese foods are usually steamed dishes or those that are simply stir-fried. Deep-fried dishes and foods swimming in sauce are the highest-calorie entrees.

Another low-calorie Chinese option is hot and sour or wonton soup. Both dishes are in the 100-calorie range, and eating a broth-based soup before a meal helps people consume less during the meal and less total food in one meal.

Appetizers such as steamed vegetable dumplings and veggie spring rolls have less than 100 calories. Fried items such as egg rolls, fried dumplings and fried spring rolls are not low in calories. Fried rice is often an option in a Chinese meal, but a low-calorie alternative is plain white rice. Fried rice is fried in oil and combined with salty sauces such as soy or oyster.

The Buddha's Delight is a low-calorie Chinese dish with steamed vegetables and tofu coming in at around 200 calories. Moo goo gai pan is another dish packed with vegetables, mushrooms and slices or cubes of chicken. One cup of the dish yields just under 300 calories, and 2 cups is a relatively low 550 calories.