Why Is Louis 13 Cognac Considered the Best?


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Louis XIII cognac is considered to be one of the highest quality cognacs because it only uses grapes from the Grande Champagne region and it is aged between 40 and 100 years, as of 2015. One bottle can cost over $3,000.

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Louis XIII is blended from eau de vie, a colorless fruit brandy. It is aged in tiercons, which are several hundred year old oak barrels, and has its own cellar for the aging process. Remy Martin produces Louis XIII. There are multiple versions of the cognac available, including the classic version, Louis XIII Black Pearl, a Black Pearl Anniversary Edition and multiple rare cask versions.

Due to its status, Louis XIII cognac has been mentioned in multiple songs and movies. The cognac is mentioned in the 1988 movie "Cocktail," where it is used as a wager. In the 2013 movie "The Butler," the main character demonstrates knowledge of the cognac during a White House interview. Music artists that have mentioned the cognac in their songs include Fabolous, Xzibit, King T and Rihanna.

Louis XIII cognac has a mahogany color and a wood scent from the tiercon aging. The taste includes flowers, fruits and spices. Flavors have some variation between the different versions, and Louis XIII Rare Cask has a slightly higher alcohol content than the classic version.

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