How Do You Look up UPC Codes for Walmart Products?

How Do You Look up UPC Codes for Walmart Products?

Use websites such as UPC Database, Scandit and UPC Machine to look up Universal Product Code (UPC) codes for Walmart products. Another way to look up UPC codes is to enter them in the Google search engine and look at the results.

First, find the UPC code by looking at the numbers below a barcode. All numbers are considered part of the code, even if they don't align with the main row of numbers. Alternatively, use a barcode scanner or a barcode scanner smartphone application that outputs plain numbers.

The UPC look up websites show basic product data associated with UPC codes in their databases. Each website has its own database, so use all three websites to look up the product codes because not all items are included.

To look up a Walmart product code on the UPC Database website, enter a code, and click the Look Up UPC button. The result shows the different types of barcodes for the item, the description, issuing country, when it was last modified and any pending requests. The Scandit website requires entering a security word for each lookup. The UPC machine website does not provide certain information such as issuing country.

Many websites, including, allow users to enter a UPC code instead of an item name while browsing online. Look up Walmart products on these websites using their UPC codes to figure out the cheapest prices.