How Long Do Vue Cups Last?

The optimal freshness period of each Vue pod or K cup is shown by the date printed on the side of the cup, according to Keurig. The company also explains that "Best-Used-By-Date" is not an expiration date.

Keurig says that Vue pods are flushed with nitrogen and sealed to lock out oxygen, light and moisture in order to slow product deterioration. Keurig does not, however, provide any information on its website about how long the beverage products sealed within Vue pods remain safe and good to use. suggests that, when properly stored, the contents of Vue pods remain usable for three to 12 months beyond the optimal freshness date provided on the package. The length of time pods remain good depends on the type of beverage contained. Coffee pods are good for three to eight months, while tea and hot chocolate pods last for six to 12 months past the stamped date. Apple cider pods remain good for eight to 12 months.