How Long Does Vintage 1992 Dom Perignon Last?

Dom Perignon Champagne with a 1992 vintage can easily last until 2017 and even longer. Champagnes that have been appropriately aged have more complex flavors and longer finishes, and most premiere Champagnes, such as Dom Perignon are aged for at least eight years before being released to the market.

Dom Perignon Champagne undergoes three peaks of maturity. One occurs at about seven years after its vintage year, or at about the time the Champagne is released for sale. The second peak of maturity occurs 15 to 20 years after the bottle's vintage year, which for a 1992 vintage would have been in the range of 2007 to 2012. The third peak of maturity occurs 25 years after the champagne's vintage year. Bottles of Dom Perignon that are over 15 years old are worth more than younger vintages.