How Long Does Vermouth Stay Fresh?


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Vermouth can retain its flavor for several weeks, possibly even a month, before going bad. The oxidization process can start affecting the flavor within around 20 minutes, however.

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Vermouth is a fortified wine, which means the alcohol percentage is increased through the addition of spirits. It is this additional alcohol content that helps the vermouth fight oxidization, helping it to last longer once opened.

The wine is named after the German word for wormwood. Wormwood was one of the main infusions used to flavor the wine in the past. While wormwood is generally no longer used, some types of Vermouth still add small amounts.

Red Vermouth became exceedingly popular in America during the late 19th century, going on to become a major component of popular drinks such as the Manhattan and Martini cocktails.

Although the flavor may deteriorate once the bottle has been opened, the wine's long shelf life makes it ideal for cooking as well as drinking.

In order to extend the amount of time the wine will retain flavor after being opened, an inert gas system can be used to lower the overall oxygen levels in the bottle, helping to keep the wine in good shape for longer than normal.

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