How Long Should Lamb Chops Cook for on a Skillet?

Due to the temperature of stovetop heating elements and the varying temperature to which a skillet heats during cooking, temperature may be a safer method of measuring when lamb chops are cooked rather than judging by time. According to the American Lamb Board, chops should have an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit to be considered medium-rare. The organization suggests that it may take 7-12 minutes to achieve this temperature in chops that are 1-1 1/2 inches thick.

Other than stovetop and skillet temperature and chop thickness, cooking time can be impacted by the presence of a bone in the chop and by the temperature of the meat when cooking begins. Bone-in meat often takes longer to cook than boneless cuts, so those with bone-in chops may want to cook them for longer to ensure they are cooked properly. Additionally, if the chops are partially frozen or put on the skillet straight out of the refrigerator, it may take a few minutes longer for them to heat up to the right temperature.

As cooking time is not the most reliable method of determining when the lamb chops are ready, those who are unsure of how to determine when their chops are done should use a meat thermometer. After cooking the chops for 7 minutes, the thermometer can be inserted to determine if more cooking time is necessary.