How long must you cook a turkey breast if you want to keep it moist?


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For best results, roast an unstuffed 3- to 5 ��-pound turkey breast for 1 �� to 2 �� hours in a regular oven at 325 F. Roast a 5 ��- to 9-pound unstuffed breast for 2 �� to 2 �� hours. Allow an extra 30 minutes for stuffed breasts.

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When roasting a frozen turkey breast at 325 F, allow 3 to 3 �� hours for a 3- to 5 ��-pound breast or 3 �� to 4 �� hours for a 5 ��- to 9-pound breast. Roast the breast uncovered with the skin side down, and allow it to stand for 10 minutes prior to carving.

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