How Long Does It Take for Milk to Go Bad?


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According to EatByDate, milk lasts for at least five days after the printed date on its carton. If it has not been opened, milk with less fat lasts longer.

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Whole milk lasts for the shortest amount of time (five to seven days after its expiration date) due to its fat content. Unopened non-fat milk is good for 7 to 10 days after its expiration date; the same is true for milk that has the lactose removed. Unopened skim and reduced fat milk is safe to consume seven days after its expiration date. EatByDate states that, if it is opened, all dairy milk goes bad within five to seven days after its expiration date. Non-dairy milk that is not meant to be refrigerated, such as soy or rice milk, lasts for up to a month after the printed date if unopened.

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