How Long Does It Take to Microwave Whole Grain Brown Rice?


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Microwaving whole grain brown rice takes between 1 and 25 minutes. The length of time required to microwave whole grain brown rice depends on the wattage of the microwave, the amount of rice, the type of brown rice and the instructions for optimal cooking.

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Cooking rice in the microwave reduces cooking time only when using precooked or "quick" rice. For example, Success Boil-in-Bag whole grain brown rice cooks in approximately 10 minutes using the high microwave setting, but a cup of single-serve Minute Rice takes 1 minute on high to heat thoroughly.

The average cooking time for 1 cup of uncooked whole grain brown rice is 5 minutes on high or until the water starts to boil, followed by up to 20 minutes on medium. The rice is then removed from the heat and stands at least 5 minutes covered to allow the rice to steam, absorb all the water and complete the cooking process.

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