How Long Will Honey Keep?

If stored properly, honey will keep indefinitely. It has a very long shelf life if kept tightly sealed in a dry and cool location. With time, however, honey can lose its golden color or consistency, but the honey is still safe to consume.

To fix consistency problems like honey crystallizing, place the honey container in warm water until crystals are completely dissolved. Storing honey can cause its color to darken, and it also can lose some of its flavor. However, keeping honey in a sealed container can help to preserve it better.

Honey has such as long shelf life that archaeologists have discovered unspoiled pots of honey that are thousands of years old in Egyptian tombs. One reason honey lasts so long is due to its chemical composition. Honey contains sugar, hydrogen peroxide and is lacking in water. Its acidity is another factor for it not spoiling, because it is more difficult for bacteria to grow in an acidic environment.