How Long Does It Take for Food Poisoning to Impact My Body?

long-food-poisoning-impact-body Credit: laflor/E+/Getty Images

The amount of time that it takes for food poisoning to impact the body is solely dependent on the type of food poisoning that occurs, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. While some organisms influence the body within hours of ingestion, others take weeks to create a reaction.

According to the FDA, staphylococcal food poisoning is one of the quickest to have an influence on the body, with symptoms such as vomiting, cramping and diarrhea occurring as soon as one hour after ingestion of spoiled foods. On the longer side, it takes hepatitis A up to 28 days after ingestion of contaminated foods to create symptoms that include diarrhea, jaundice and dark urine. Most of the most common types of food poisoning, such as listeria, botulism, salmonella, campylobacter and E. coli have symptoms that occur within one week of eating the contaminated food. Children, the elderly and persons with compromised immune systems are at greatest risk of complications from food-borne illness. When experiencing any symptoms of food poisoning, it is important to contact a doctor immediately for testing to diagnose the type of food poisoning. In some more severe cases, antibiotics and other medicines are used to stop the symptoms and restore health.