How Long Do I Deep Fry Chicken Wings?

long-deep-fry-chicken-wings Credit: CC0/Pixabay

Deep-fried chicken wings typically take about seven to 12 minutes to obtain a browned crunchy coating and cook all the way through. Cooking time may vary slightly depending on the temperature of the oil and the size of the wings.

Before frying chicken wings, heat vegetable or canola oil in a deep fryer or a deep skillet. If using a deep fryer, heat the oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. If using a skillet, monitor the oil's temperature using a cooking thermometer.

If you are working with whole chicken wings, cut them in half at the joint with a non-serrated knife prior to frying.

Bread the Wings
In a large sealable plastic bag, place a handful of chicken wings and 1-2 cups flour. Mix the flour and wings in the bag until the wings' surface is completely coated. Repeat with additional flour and wings until all wings are coated.

Deep Fry
Place eight to 10 wings in the oil, ensuring that they are completely covered. Let them fry for six to nine minutes, until the breading is crispy and golden brown. Remove from oil using tongs.

Plate and Serve
After removing wings from the oil, place them on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Let them sit for 5 minutes before plating. Wings can be served as-is, or tossed in a sauce before serving. Serve with sliced carrots, celery, and hot sauce and ranch for dipping.