How long do I deep fry chicken wings?


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Deep-fried chicken wings typically take about seven to 12 minutes to obtain a browned crunchy coating and cook all the way through. Variables such as oil temperature and coating can also determine the cooking time, however, because chicken wings are small and quick cooking, the cooking time is typically based on the desired darkness of the coating rather than doneness. Frozen chicken wings can be deep-fried in about 15 minutes.

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Fry chicken wings in oil heated to between 360 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Measure the oil temperature using an oil or candy thermometer to maintain accuracy and always allow the oil temperature to reheat between batches. Avoid overcrowding the oil to prevent drastic changes in temperature which can increase cooking time and oil absorption of the wings.

Once chicken wings are fried to the desired crispness, remove them from the oil using a fryer basket or tongs, allowing some of the oil to drip off. Drain the fried wings on a couple layers of paper towel for a few minutes before serving. When frying a large batch of chicken wings, keep the cooked wings hot and crisp by placing them in an oven set at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until the other wings are done cooking.

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