How Long Can You Freeze Cupcakes?

long-can-freeze-cupcakes Credit: Sarah K. Lee/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

According to PillsburyBaking, unfrosted cupcakes and some types of frosted cupcakes can be kept fresh in the freezer. To thaw cupcakes, set on the counter loosely covered for two to three hours.

Wrap cupcakes without frosting in foil and freeze in a plastic zip-top bag for up to six months. Before packaging, make sure that cupcakes have cooled to room temperature so that ice crystals do not form during the freezing process. Many bakers find that frosting frozen cupcakes is easier because fewer crumbs get scraped up into the frosting during the process.

Cupcakes that have been frosted with buttercream frosting or whipped cream frosting may be frozen for up to three months. Cooked icings, fruit toppings and fillings don't freeze as well, according to Pillsbury. The best way to freeze frosted cupcakes is to place the baking tin of cooled, frosted cupcakes in the freezer for two hours to flash freeze. Individuals can remove hardened cupcakes and wrap each one in plastic wrap. They then Package a group of wrapped cupcakes together in heavy-duty foil and place in a cake box or rigid plastic storage container to prevent crushing. One places packaged cupcakes in the freezer for up to six months. To thaw, one removes foil and plastic wrap, places it back in the container and brings to room temperature on the counter. WiltonBaking recommends adding sprinkles, nonpareils , and additional cupcake decorations after the cupcakes have thawed.