How Long Does It Take to Boil Pork Country Style for the Grill?

The boiling times of pork depend on what is being cooked, as ribs generally require up to 2 hours while regular pieces of meat only need approximately 45 minutes. The time is also affected by how much meat is being cooked at one time, and more time is required for larger quantities of meat.

The standard boiling time is 2 hours for general recipes. However, it may change according to how it is being prepared. Different recipes may boil their meats for more or less time to get the tenderness required for the meal.

A quicker alternative to boiling is brazing. Brazing involves covering the meat with liquid and setting it to a simmer, which allows the meat to quickly soak up the flavor. The average recommended time for brazing also depends on what is being cooked. Ribs require 1 to 2 hours and pork cuts 10 to 25 minutes.