Where Are Some Locations of Wall's Ice Cream in the UK?

Where Are Some Locations of Wall's Ice Cream in the UK?

Wall's ice cream does not have its own locations in the United Kingdom. Rather, many ice cream shops and supermarkets in the United Kingdom sell Wall's ice cream, which is an ice cream brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch personal care and food conglomerate Unilever.

Shops and supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom sell Wall's ice cream in brick-and-mortar locations and on corresponding websites, such as Sainsburys.co.UK.

Wall's products include tubs of ice cream, such as Cream of Cornish vanilla, and hand-held products. Its Cornetto is the leading brand of filled ice cream cone products. "Peanut butter love" and "cookies and dream" are two of the featured flavors. Magnetto is Wall's line of chocolate ice cream bars, which include black espresso, pink raspberry, double caramel, almonds and infinity chocolate flavors.

Sales of Magnum, Cornetto and several other Unilever brands of ice cream amount to a 66 percent share of the Total Impulse Ice Cream, a market valuation measurement in the United Kingdom and India. In addition to its products, Wall's also manufactures proprietary retail equipment for the storage and display of Wall's ice cream products, such as freezers and cases.

A list of vendors that sell Wall's ice cream is available on IceShop.co.UK, under Where to Buy.