How Do You Locate Turkey Hill Stores?

How Do You Locate Turkey Hill Stores?

Turkey Hill Minit Markets can be found using the store locator on the company's website. For finding places that sell Turkey Hill brand desserts and drinks, the website offers a search engine for stores that sell its products.

Turkey Hill is the name for both a chain of convenience stores and a food brand. The two are independently operated, although Turkey Hill Minit Markets do carry Turkey Hill drinks and desserts. The two are sister companies, and both were founded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, albeit by separate families.

As of 2015, Turkey Hill Minit Markets are only found in three states: Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. The Ohio stores are only in the Columbus, Ohio area. For more detailed information on specific store locations, addresses can be found on the company's website via the store locator search engine.

The Turkey Hill food brand's website also offers the addresses of stores that sell its wares. The store locator allows fans of the brand to choose between stores that carry Turkey Hill frozen desserts, cakes or drinks. Dairy products from the company are widely available throughout Pennsylvania, especially in Lancaster county.

In contrast to the Minit Markets' narrow distribution, Turkey Hill brand food is available much more broadly, with desserts and drinks in every store in every state except Hawaii.