How Do You View a Loblaws Cake Catalog?

loblaws-cake-catalog Credit: Eric Raptosh Photography/Blend Images/Getty Images

Find a catalog of cakes offered by Loblaws by visiting Scroll over the Food tab; scroll over the Bakery tab, and then scroll over the Desserts & Pastries tab. Click the Cakes tab to view all available cakes.

As of 2015, Loblaws offers a number of cakes under the Farmer's Market brand, including loaf cakes, coffee cakes, truffle cakes and angel food cakes. The company also sells cakes from a number of manufacturers, including Cadbury, La Rocca, T&T and Mrs. Fields. You can order these cakes online, but they must be picked up at one of the 2,000 Loblaws stores located across Canada. The store operates in four provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.