How Do You Get Live Dungeness Crabs Shipped to You?

How Do You Get Live Dungeness Crabs Shipped to You?

Companies that ship live dungeness crabs overnight or next day include those from California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Shipped in Styrofoam boxes with frozen gel packs, the crabs normally arrive in a very weak condition at best.

The dungeness crab season on the west coast starts in December and generally lasts until the first day of August. ships live crabs from its holding tanks in Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California. Giovanni Fish Market in California also ships live dungeness crabs overnight. The company expects that the crabs arrive dead or weak and suggests that customers cook the crabs partially the day that they arrive.

In Oregon, Fitts Seafoods ships live crabs overnight at the market price. Place orders and pay over the phone.

In Alaska, Premier Harvest also takes orders over the phone and delivers live crabs the next day. Alaskan dungeness crabs are generally bigger than those caught in the United States due to the colder temperatures of the water.

In British Columbia, The Daily Catch Seafood Company ships live crabs overnight to Canadian cities if ordered before 2 p.m. the day before as of 2016.

Seafood companies require credit or debit cards to process orders and generally offer standard or priority overnight options for shipping.