What Is the Little Smokies Grape Jelly Recipe?

Combining Little Smokies sausages with grape jelly and barbeque sauce creates a simple appetizer. Warm ingredients together in a slow cooker for a snack that travels well and feeds a crowd.

To make Little Smokies in grape jelly sauce, combine 2 3-lb. packages of Little Smokies (or another brand) sausages with 18 ounces of grape jelly and 42 ounces of barbeque sauce or chili sauce, depending on your tastes. Place ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low overnight, or early on the day you plan to serve. Stir occasionally, as the sauce will thicken the longer the sausages are cooked. The sausages become more flavorful the longer they simmer.

This recipe makes 25 servings. Provide toothpicks with the sausages so that guests can easily serve themselves.

Final product may vary in taste slightly depending on brands of products used. Add more grape jelly for a sweeter taste or more barbeque/chili sauce for a tangier, saltier flavor. You can try adding other ingredients to the sauce to change up the flavor, including brown sugar, mustard, hot sauce or jalapeno jelly.

For another variation on this recipe, try using meatballs (homemade or frozen work well) with the sauce in place of Little Smokies.