What Is a List of the Top 10 Super Foods for Your Diet?


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Some of the top 10 everyday superfoods include beans, salmon, sweet potatoes, eggs and berries, states WebMD. The website also adds nuts, kiwis, quinoa, broccoli and fat-free plain yogurt to the list of nutrient-dense superfoods. Some websites include superfoods lists for specific groups, such as dieters, diabetics or athletes.

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What Is a List of the Top 10 Super Foods for Your Diet?
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Health.com has developed a superfoods list specifically for losing weight, offering items including brown rice, grapefruit, green tea, dark chocolate and avocados. Health.com also claims that pears, oats, cheese, lentils and plantains help to raise metabolism and reduce food cravings.

The American Diabetes Association's top 10 superfoods list is tailored for individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes, focusing on foods high in protein, fiber and specific nutrients necessary for controlling blood sugar levels. The ADA's superfoods list includes beans, dark leafy green vegetables, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes and berries. It also suggests that tomatoes, whole grains, fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, nuts and fat-free milk and yogurt are some of the best foods for diabetics.

Active.com's top 10 superfoods for endurance athletes include kale, milk, bananas, chia seeds and oatmeal, each helping to improve performance and reduce recovery time. Active.com also recommends athletes consume plenty of wild salmon, walnuts, sweet potatoes and whey for optimum training.

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