What Is a List of Gluten-Free Snacks?


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A list of gluten-free snacks includes mixed nuts, dried fruit, hard-boiled eggs, sliced vegetables with gluten-free salad dressing and beef or turkey jerky. KIND Nuts and Spices bars and Natural Delights date rolls are also gluten-free.

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What Is a List of Gluten-Free Snacks?
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There are many types of cookies and crackers that are gluten-free. For instance, CrunchMaster makes multi-seed crackers that contain rice and potato flour instead of wheat flour. Nut chips from Blue Diamond are made from a combination of brown rice and ground almonds, making them naturally gluten-free. There are plenty of brands of gluten-free tortilla chips, such as Cabo's blue corn chips made from non-GMO corn and Frito-Lay natural yellow corn chips, natural blue corn chips and scoops. Other major tortilla chip makers such as Mission Foods, Kettle and Way Better have certified gluten-free foods. The manufacturers' websites contain listings of gluten-free foods.

Some gluten-free snacks that require refrigeration include juice bottles, pudding cups, yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables. All yogurt provided by Fage, Chobani and Cabot are certified gluten-free. Most of the yogurt products made by Stonyfield Farm and Voskos are also gluten-free, although the YoToddler Plus Fruit and Cereal and Voskos Plus Granola flavors are not gluten-free. Fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten-free and make good snacks when paired with gluten-free yogurt or salad dressing.

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