What Is a List of Different Types of Candy?


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One way to classify candy is by chocolate content: chocolate candy and sugar candy not containing chocolate. Chocolate candy contains some concentration of the cocoa plant and typically possesses nearly the same texture regardless of the added ingredients. Subdividing chocolate typically involves sizes. Sugar candies contain some other blend of ingredients and tend to come in a variety of textures and flavors, and so require more detailed classification.

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Chocolate candy is typically rated on darkness, which describes the concentration of cocoa powder to other ingredients, such as milk. Various nuts are also paired with chocolate, as are fruits, nougat and even grains. Eating "chocolates" typically means eating bite-sized pieces of chocolate that come in some type of box with some type of filling, such as truffles. Chocolate also comes in bars and modeled shapes. White chocolate is not considered true chocolate because it lacks solids of the cocoa plant; it is considered a confectioner's product.

Sugar candies can be hard, chewy, soft or gummy. Hard candies can be detrimental to the teeth if one bites down too hard. Werther's Original and rock candy are great examples of hard candies. Another type of hard candy is brittle, which is hardened sugar holding nuts and seeds. Soft, chewy candies include candies like Starburst, jelly beans and Easter's candy, such as Peeps. Gummy bears and gummy worms have self-explanatory textures, but beware the sour flavoring on some, such as Sour Patch Kids. Some candies do not fall into these categories, such as confectioner's hearts for Valentine's day or Nik-L-Nips, but most can be classified in this manner.

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