Is the Lipton Soup Recipe the Best Recipe for Pot Roast?

lipton-soup-recipe-recipe-pot-roast Credit: Melissa Doroquez/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Pot roast recipes made with Lipton soup mix are among the best beef roast recipes, but cooks also enjoy pot roast recipes using canned soup, or recipes without packaged ingredients. Lipton soup recipes for pot roast typically include simple ingredients, and require 10 to 15 minutes of preparation time.

The basic recipe for pot roast includes beef bottom or chuck roast, water and vegetables, and most recipes require very little preparation work. Pot roast made with Lipton soup mix combines the brand's popular onion soup mix with beef roast, chopped carrots, potatoes and water. The no-fuss version is made in a slow cooker that is set on low heat, allowing the roast and vegetables to cook for up to 10 hours. After the pot roast is done, cooks can create a thick gravy by combining meat juices with cold water, and either corn starch, or flour.

Pot roast recipes that use canned soup can be made in a large pot, or a slow cooker. The stove top version combines beef roast with cream of mushroom soup and any brand of dry onion soup mix. The alternative slow cooker version uses carrots and red potatoes instead of white potatoes. Cooks who prefer making pot roast from scratch can follow a recipe that uses beef broth and red wine as a liquid base.