What Is in Lipton Beefy Onion Meatloaf?


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Lipton beefy onion meatloaf is a spin on a traditional meatloaf recipe that incorporates Lipton brand dry Beefy Onion soup mix. The mix is blended with the protein and other ingredients, then the constructed loaf is baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately one hour.

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The recipe specifically calls for 1 pound of 93 percent lean ground beef, though other commonly found varieties of ground beef should suffice in a pinch. The recipe also calls for 1 pound of ground pork, 1 packet of the Lipton soup mix, 2 eggs and a cup of bread crumbs,which are preferably made from 2 slices of fresh whole wheat bread, broken down into tiny cubes. All the ingredients are then combined thoroughly by hand in a large mixing bowl.

While the oven is preheating to the prescribed temperature, the meat mixture is placed inside the baking dish and fashioned into loaf form. A 9 x 13 inch dish is ideal. Although the general cooking time recommendation is one hour, the internal temperature of the loaf should still be checked for doneness with a thermometer inserted into the approximate center of the meat. A safe temperature for ground beef and pork is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If not completely cooked, the meatloaf is simply cooked a further few minutes and rechecked. This recipe serves approximately eight people.

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