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Limes are used in drinks, sweet dishes and ethnic dishes. The juice, peel and pulp of this small green citrus fruit with a tart flavor can all be used in various recipes.

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Limes are the primary ingredient in drinks such as margaritas and daiquiris. The juice is usually used for these drinks, but in non-blended margaritas, a slice of lime may also be used as a garnish. Lime juice, as well as the peel, is frequently used in Thai ethnic dishes. Key lime pie is a famous dish that uses lime, but key limes are different than regular limes. Key limes are smaller and slightly yellow rather than bright green.

The most common lime available in stores in the United States is the Persian lime, and these are grown in Florida. This type of lime is not as aromatic as the key lime, but can be used in key lime pie if key limes are not available. Another type of lime that is often found in Asian food, but is not a true lime, is the kaffir lime. Despite being a subspecies of the citrus family, it is not a true lime. The leaves, rind and juice are often used to make curry pastes and other items for Asian dishes.

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