How Do You Light a Fondue Set?

Different kinds of burners are required for fondue sets, depending on the type of set and what is being dipped. Dessert fondues, where the dipping sauce is usually chocolate or caramel, require only an unscented tea light. Meat and vegetable fondues, where the meat is dipped in oil or broth, require a specific fondue oil and fondue burner. Fondue sets can be electric, simply requiring plugging in the set at the right temperature,.

  1. Read the manufacturer's instructions

    The instruction manual for a fondue set what kind of fuel it supports. Liquid fuels work better for oil or broth, while gel fuels are a better match for cheese fondues.

  2. Pour in the fuel

    Take the burner off the fondue set, and carefully pour about 3 ounces of the fuel into it. Replace the burner in the fondue set. Using a match, carefully light it. To turn off the flame, cover the burner with the lid that is provided.

  3. Observe safety precautions

    Make sure the fuel is not kept near the burner; the base, where the set is kept, is flat and stable. Fondue forks with long stems are also a must-have, especially when dealing with hot oil and broth. Do not overfill the liquid fuel in the burner, and make sure the burner is not hot while refilling the fuel.