How Do You Layer Jell-O Desserts?

Layered gelatin desserts are created by preparing each flavor of gelatin according to package directions, pouring flavors into a container one at a time, and allowing each flavor to slightly chill in the refrigerator until set. Yogurt, cream cheese and whipped topping are often used to create creamy layers.

A classic rainbow gelatin dessert is made by dissolving one flavor of gelatin in hot water and allowing it to chill for a specified period of time. Remove the gelatin from the refrigerator, and pour it into a container such as a glass or mold. Some recipes call for adding yogurt to a reserved gelatin mixture and spooning it on top of the chilled gelatin layer. When the process is repeated using other gelatin flavors, it produces a layered dessert featuring colors such as blue, green, red and orange. Kraft's recipe for Jello-O rainbow cups uses four packages of flavored gelatin; it takes one hour and 50 minutes to make eight individual servings.

Orange dream layered squares is a simple layered gelatin dessert that has a graham cracker crust and two filling layers. The bottom filling layer combines orange-flavored gelatin with orange juice, cream cheese and whipped topping, and the top layer combines vanilla pudding mix with cream cheese and whipped topping. This refrigerated dessert is made in 30 minutes.