What Is the Largest Fast Food Chain in the World?

largest-fast-food-chain-world Credit: Nico Kai/The Image Bank/Getty Images

As of 2013, Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world; the Connecticut-based sandwich chain opened its 40,000th restaurant in August, 2013. At that time, Subway's chief development officer announced plans to add an additional 10,000 outposts to its roster of restaurants worldwide.

The landmark 40,000th Subway is located in Ipswich, England, inside an AppleGreen gas station, which is a rather far distance from the restaurant's original outpost, which opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. A 2013 article from 'Bloomberg Businessweek' reports that Subway may even be able to operate as many as 100,000 restaurants internationally by 2030.