How Large Are Sugar Granules?


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The size of sugar granules varies depending on the type. Granulated sugar is usually available in three types of grain: table sugar, superfine sugar or coarse-grained sugar.

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Table sugar generally has a grain size of .5 mm. It is also known as regular sugar, fine granulated sugar, table sugar and standard granulated sugar. Superfine sugar has a much finer grain size of around .35 mm. Coarse grain sugars are generally a lot larger.

Refined sugar undergoes a process to remove the molasses. The sugar crystals are immersed in a syrup to remove the sticky coating, and they are then separated and dissolved. The syrup that results is put through a process to precipitate a solid, which is filtered out along with most of the impurities. The syrup is then concentrated. Sugar crystals are then added to make the rest of the sugar crystallize. The resulting crystals are dried and then then packaged or used.

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