Is Lamb Considered Red Meat?

lamb-considered-red-meat Credit: James And James/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Lamb is considered red meat. WH Foods suggests eating only grass-fed lamb, as it can offer multiple health benefits for humans. Lamb meat contains a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids and is considered an excellent source of protein.

The shoulder of the lamb is best for preparing stew. Cooking the meat in this manner keeps it tender and moist. The breast or shank of the lamb is best when braised. Rack of lamb can be roasted or broiled. The loin of the lamb can be braised with red wine, rosemary and garlic. Lamb can also be served with a yogurt-based sauce that contains fresh mint leaves, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Red meat is any meat from a large animal. White meat is considered to be that of rabbits, ducks and chickens. Lamb is now considered to be red meat but it is still one of the healthier red meats. Studies have shown that the meat can help lower cardiovascular disease as stated on The World's Healthiest Foods. Grass fed lamb tends to be higher in Omega 3 and better for overall health. Also, ingesting lamb can help regulate blood sugar.