What Is the Best Lactose-Free Cheese?


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Danesborg Cheese Havarti Lactose-Free is a great lactose-free cheese option, particularly on sandwiches or to top burgers, says Reader's Digest Best Health magazine. While all dairy products contain lactose, the manufacturers remove it from this tasty havarti both when the curds are rinsed early on and as the cheese ripens.

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Many hard, dry, aged cheeses like cheddar contain low or non-measurable amounts the lactose some find so difficult to digest. Cheeses like ricotta, with the whey that makes soft cheeses moist, contain the most lactose. Four low- or virtually no-lactose cheeses recommended by About.com include parmigiano-reggiano, grana padano, mimolette and romano. In addition, substitutes that are lactose-free and typically vegan include rice, almond and soybean cheeses.

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