What Are Some Kusina Master Recipes?


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Some Kusina Master recipes include easy puto pao, Max's-style sizzling tofu, easy mango ice candy and no-bake lemon icebox cake. There are also many pork-based recipes such as sinuglaw, roasted lechon pork belly and lechon paksiw.

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Kusina Master recipes focus on Filipino dishes, one of which is the popular lechon, or fried pork belly, dish, a national favorite. To make this classic dish, you need 3 to 3 1/2 pounds of pork belly slab containing the skin, which is also known as lechon. In a food processor, blend 3 peeled and chopped garlic bulbs, 1/2 cup of oregano, 3 red onions, 4 to 5 lemongrass stalks, and the juice and zest from 1 lemon.

Rub the mixture onto the skinless side of the pork belly slab, then roll the meat so that the rub is located inside of the roll with the skin on the outside. Rub the meat with 1/8 cup of coarse salt and 4 tablespoons of crushed black pepper, and secure the meat with twine. Pierce the skin with a knife, then chill overnight until the skin dries. Roast at 320 degrees Fahrenheit for five hours until the skin crackles.

You can also use lechon to make a sort of stew by combining it with lechon sauce, beef stock, soy sauce and vinegar.

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