What Is the Krystal Guest Feedback Survey?

The Krystal guest feedback survey is a customer satisfaction survey designed to evaluate the dining experience at a particular Krystal location. It offers customers the opportunity to provide feedback to the restaurant in exchange for a gift that they can redeem on a return visit.

For an individual to take the Krystal guest feedback survey, he first must purchase a meal at a Krystal restaurant. Upon receiving his meal receipt, he can then log onto KrystalGuestFeedack.com and enter the store number listed at the top of the receipt. Additionally, the survey requires the participant to enter the time and date of his restaurant visit.

Upon entering the aforementioned information, the survey begins. It poses multiple choice questions about food preparation, taste, temperature, timeliness and portion size. It also inquires about the ease of reading the menu and the quality of the customer service. Finally, the survey asks if the customer would return to the same location within 30 days and if he would recommend the location to others.

Upon completing the survey, the customer recieves a validation code to write on his receipt. He then returns to any Krystal location with the validated receipt code and redeems it for a special gift. The gift varies, but it is typically a free menu item with the purchase of other menu items.

Krystal is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in small hamburgers with steamed-in onions, similar to those served at White Castle. It also serves chicken, fish and French fries.