What Does Kroger's Bakery Sell?

What Does Kroger's Bakery Sell?

At its retail store locations, Kroger's Bakery sells Private Selection-branded items that include breads, cakes, cookies and mason's jar desserts. Kroger also runs an online store that sells cakes and deli items.

As of May, 2015, Kroger offers Private Selection fruit, meringue and cream pies in retail stores. Private Selection artisan breads include baguettes, loads and other breads made of sour dough, toasted sesame, olives and whole clove garlic. Upside-down cake and multiple flavors of cheesecake are available.

Kroger retail locations also sell nine types of cookies, such as Belgian chocolate cinnamon thins and raspberry shortbread cookies. Eight different types of mason jar desserts are available through the Private Selection Bakery, including peach delight, tiramisu and cookie dough.

Online and in-store items include an apple crunch dessert cake, a brownie plate and special occasion cakes, such as birthday cakes and graduation cakes. There are cakes based on licensed characters from Disney, DC, Marvel and Nickelodeon. Customers can also request specific combinations of flavorings, icings and decorations for custom "Build-a-Cakes."

After founding his first grocery store in 1884, Barney Kroger realized that he could reduce costs for customers while offering high quality by baking his own breads. As of May, 2015, nearly half of the Private Selection and other Kroger-branded food products sold by Kroger are produced in company-operated food plants.