What Are Korean Apricots Called?

Popular types of Korean apricots include the Namgo, the Gapjuchoeso and the Cheongmae. The Namgo is a slightly reddish fruit, while the Cheongmae is green.

Apricots are grown largely in southern areas of Korea. Those cultivated at Baekun Mountain in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do are known for being particularly juicy and fragrant. Korean apricots are eaten raw as well as processed. Namgo and Cheongmae apricots are used for making liquor and tea and for pickling, while the Gapjuchoeso is used in tea and liquor. The apricots are harvested after they have grown to a length of between 33 millimeters and 45 millimeters.

While they are enjoyed in Korea, the Japanese are also very fond of Korean apricots. Like the Koreans, the Japanese eat apricots pickled with a variety of liquors or vinegar. A very popular side dish in Japan is umeboshi, salted apricots with beefsteak plant leaves.