What Kinds of Recipes Did Justin Wilson Develop?

Justin Wilson was known for developing Cajun-inspired recipes, such as gumbo and mustard greens. He was an American Southern chef who was also known for his comedic storytelling.

Wilson was born on April 24, 1914, and began his career as a traveling safety engineer; he began adding Cajun humor into his lectures as a way to keep his audiences entertained. From there, he got into comedy and released several comedy albums, including "The Humorous World of Justin Wilson," "I Gawr-On-Tee" and "Whooooo Boy;" he eventually performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. He also tried his hand at composing music, which was later used as the background music for his cooking show, and even recorded a Christmas album in 1975. He was well-known for the catchphrase "I gar-on-tee!"

Wilson was popular in the Southern states, especially Louisiana. His Cajun-inspired humor led to him writing a total of seven Cajun cookbooks, including "The Justin Wilson Cookbook" in 1965, "The Justin Wilson #2 Cookbook: Cookin' Cajun" in 1979, "The Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook" in 1984, "Justin Wilson's Outdoor Cooking with Inside Help" in 1986, and "Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookin'" in 1990, as well as "Justin Wilson Looking Back: A Cajun Cookbook" in 1997 and "Justin Wilson's Easy Cookin': 150 Rib-Tickling Recipes for Good Eating" in 1998. He also authored Cajun storytelling books, including "Justin Wilson's Cajun Humor" in 1974, "Justin Wilson's Cajun Fables" in 1982 and "More Cajun Humor" in 1984.

Some of Wilson's most popular recipes include his gumbo, crawfish pie, crawfish or shrimp cocktail and his barbecue sauce. Justin Wilson died on Sept. 5, 2001, leaving behind a legacy of humor and Cajun cuisine.