What Kinds of Recipes Can You Find on the Ricardo Cuisine Website?

What Kinds of Recipes Can You Find on the Ricardo Cuisine Website?


The Ricardo Cuisine website offers recipes for main dishes, appetizers and desserts under the main menu's Cook tab. Recipes are also located under the Ingredients tab, organized into topics such as chocolate, eggs, pasta and pork. The Discover tab provides specialized recipes, including ones for holidays, kids and camping.

The Ricardo Cuisine website group most of its main dish recipes by their primary ingredients. For instance, recipes under the Beef heading include smoked meat quesadillas, red wine braised beef and slow-cooker sweet and sour beef. However, certain recipes are categorized by type, such as breakfast, sandwich and vegetarian. Some of the recipes in this last section include thousand-herb spaghetti, cauliflower couscous and breaded tofu burgers.

Under the Ingredients tab, the Cheese recipes section includes cream of brie soup, mac and cheese grilled cheese and tomato risotto. Some recipes in the Turkey section under Ingredients are turkey and pear open faced sandwich, tandoori turkey legs, and turkey and chipotle chili.

The Discover tab offers 30-minute recipes, such as seared tilapia and vegetable stir-fry, egg and roasted bell pepper sandwich filling, and potato and salmon salad. Halloween recipes include witch-leg "ghoulash" with black widow spider sauce, pumpkin and chicken curry and worm soup, which is cream of spinach soup with long macaroni.