What Kinds of Products Do Pepperidge Farm Outlet Stores Sell?


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Pepperidge Farm outlet stores sell breads, cookies, cakes, Goldfish crackers and pastries. There are 10 Pepperidge Farm outlet stores in the United States, as of 2015, according to OutletSheet.com. They are located primarily in the Midwest and Northeast.

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Pepperidge Farm does not have a large number of its own retail stores. Instead, it primarily sells its 200-plus products to retailers such as grocery stores and supermarkets. In addition to its outlet locations, Pepperidge Farm operates 25 regular store locations in 14 states, as of 2015.

Margaret Rudkin launched Pepperidge Farm in Fairfield, Connecticut, in 1937. It began as a bread-baking operation out of her own kitchen, but quickly grew. Just two months after Rudkin began her business, she had to move it to a stable at Pepperidge Farm. Three years later, Pepperidge Farm outgrew the stable and moved into a facility in Norwalk, Connecticut. The business later opened additional facilities in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and Downers Grove, Illinois.

Until the mid-1950s, Pepperidge Farm was only in the business of baking bread. In 1955, Rudkin began producing cookies, and in 1958, she began to sell prepared frozen foods. In 1962, the business added Goldfish crackers, which became widely popular among American children.

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